Tag With Me

Location based interactive mobile apps for parks, cultural destinations and other visitor attractions

View the recent press release for our treasure hunt at Rufford Abbey Country Park here.

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Using location-based IoT technologies Tag with me provides location based guides indoors and outdoors


Interactive games such as quizzes, AI object recognition and tagging increases engagment


Educational content and quizzes can be included to teach users about nearby exhibits or attractions

Custom branded mobile apps

Fully custom mobile interactive apps to engage users. Apps can include automatic museum guide, automated tourist audio guide and treasure hunts. Treasure hunts provide unique opportunity to create engaging activities for all.

Tag With Me Features

Create indoor and outdoor experiences

Tag with me uses a range of IoT technologies to enable experiences to work both indoors and outdoors


Text and Audio guides can be included to automatically display or play location-based information as visitos walk around

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts provide an interactive way for visitors to explore attractions. Gamification within the treasure hun can include tagging activities and AI object recognition

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